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Our Strategy & Approach

Back Bay Investment Group, Southern California’s premier real estate investment and development firm, creates value in multifamily asset classes utilizing our proven 4 step system consisting of identifying, acquiring, improving, and monetizing.

Our focus is on creating high-quality investments through real estate syndication as a way for investors to pool together their financial and intellectual resources to invest in multifamily real estate properties and projects much bigger than they could afford or manage on their own.

Our team of real estate professionals leverages their expertise and experience to deliver leading solutions to generate the maximal amount of value over time.

Market Identification

Identify opportunities in emerging neighborhoods, population trends, housing legislation and development incentives to unlock untapped potential for rental growth as well as property appreciation. Back Bay Investment Group has applied this approach to investing across the Southern California market and across the US.

Property Acquisition

Leverage clearly defined acquisition criteria and operating platform to acquire properties where value can be created. Strong Partnerships with lenders and financial sponsors that provide financing. As well as relationships with developers, property owners, brokers and other real estate professionals to provide access to proprietary deal flow.

Improve Asset

Longstanding partnerships with development and construction professionals with local market knowledge and expertise to complete the high-quality, high-amenity property improvements that command higher rents. As well as relationships with third-party property management companies to improve operational efficiency and maximize revenue.

Monetize Asset

Stabilize and recapitalize assets to maximize property values and provide long term cash flow to investors at favorable IRR’s. A proven track record of generating superior returns than competitors while never having lost any investors investment capital. Minimize investor tax burdens through 1031 Exchange, tax credits and depreciation.

Why Multifamily?

The multifamily real estate asset class provides stable, non-correlated returns to help our clients achieve optimal portfolio diversification. Multifamily properties have consistently demonstrated lower risk and higher returns than other property types and have a low correlation to equities, bonds, and other alternative asset classes.

Bubble sizes represent the sharpe-ratio for each property type—a measure of excess return, above the risk-free rate, per unit of risk for a given property type.

The graph to the right represents the average annual risk-adjusted return over a 30-year period from 1990 to 2020. Data Source: National council of real estate investment fiduciaries (NCREIF).

Our Partners

The Best Investments Start with the Right People

Drew Fielder

Managing Partner

Drew Fielder is the driving force behind Back Bay Investment Group, a real estate firm specializing in multi-family properties in California. He aims to deliver above-market returns by leveraging unique property access and partnering with top industry vendors and development partners. Drew, with experience in over 40 successful real estate projects, excels in opportunity identification, team assembly, and capital raising, influencing numerous successful ventures.

Additionally, Drew contributes to the Entrepreneurs Organization in Orange County, CA, and has help multiple leadership positions within the community including the organizations Board of Directors, enhancing leadership development and organizational growth.

Drew has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from California State University Fullerton and a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Development from the University of New South Wales.

David Lipp


David is an experienced entrepreneur with 16 years in commercial real estate, currently focused on building acquisition funnels for multifamily and retail assets at Back Bay, where he utilizes his market knowledge and expansive broker network to identify profitable investment opportunities. He has a significant background in commercial brokerage, particularly in retail tenant expansions
and transactions, and has built an extensive network of developers, landlords, brokers, and service providers. In addition to advising, David has successfully syndicated over 20 real estate investments, including in commercial land, office buildings, and multi-family properties, and has led numerous retail redevelopment projects.

An active member of the Entrepreneurs Organization in Orange County, CA, David serves in the organizations leadership contributing significantly towards his personal growth and community.

Justin Nassie


Justin is a seasoned entrepreneur with a strong background in real estate investing and finance. Beginning his journey in 2007, Justin honed his skills working with top-tier companies in the industry. His experience includes serving as a graphic designer for Sperry Van Ness, where he contributed to the marketing efforts of multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios. Transitioning into Private Equity with Alliance Portfolio, Justin gained invaluable expertise in structuring finance deals and collaborating with major players in the mortgage industry, including Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank.

Beyond his ventures in real estate, Justin is the owner of Brandastic, Inc., a highly successful Digital Marketing Agency. With a diverse client portfolio that includes Kia Motors, Hampton Inn Hotels, and UFC Gym, Justin has proven his ability to drive results for prominent brands across various industries.

As an active commercial real estate investor, Justin brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success to the table. His multifaceted background positions him as a valuable asset for investors seeking opportunities in real estate.

Our Track Record

Records are made to be broken!

Our Past Deals

The Difference

Attractive Returns:

By investing with Back Bay Investment Group, investors can earn a fifteen percent (15%) Initial Rate of Return (IRR).

The Difference

Strong Shareholder Alignment:

We pride ourselves on our “Investor first” approach and commitment to transparency in all aspects of operations.
Our management invests alongside recognized institutional partners, family offices, and accredited Investors.
Our 1031 Exchange capability creates an “accumulator effect”, which investors stay in the deal after the Return of Capital (ROC) and therefore continue to receive gains.

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